We Are Cellpap

We supply paper and board for printing and packaging to customers around the world.

About Cellpap

Established in 1989, Cellpap B.V. was formed for the purpose of trading paper, pulp and secondary fibres.

We supply paper and board for printing and packaging to customers around the world.  We also provide raw materials to paper mills in various countries. In our continuous effort to satisfy suppliers and customers, each member of our team acts as a vital link in creating a solid network between mills, goods, services and customers.

Cellpap headquarters are located in Haarlem in the Netherlands.  This location gives us excellent access to freight services to all points of the world.

Cellpap is able to meet all our buyer's needs professionally, promptly and efficiently, drawing upon our strong support system of customer service staff, sales support, coordination and equipment.

Over 25 years of growth have enabled Cellpap BV to mature as a reliable, financially strong, long term partner for our customers and suppliers.


Cellpap B.V. is a socially responsible corporation and is committed to environmentally sound practices.

Cellpap B.V. will continue to develop partnerships with its vendors and customers so we may achieve our collective sustainability goals.

Cellpap B.V. is committed to the strategic use of the sustainable processes which are built into its corporate culture.

We are continually investigating new ways to expand upon this commitment.

Meet Our Team

Our staff members are able to communicate in over five different languages. This creates a climate of comfort and clear understanding for all our customers.

ISO Certified

Quality is what we stand for. and our certification is the proof that we live up to the high standard you request, not only today and tomorrow but also for the next years. Cellpap BV is ISO 9001 certified. In addition to that, we are licensed by AQSIQ for scrap exports to China.

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